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Sugar Industry Belts

Flat, Bottom Tracking, and Cleated Belting


Beltservice offers the most extensive line of conveyor belting available for today's sugar industry; which includes cane, beets, refining, and packaging.

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Flat Belting

Beltservice has the world's largest variety of rubber conveyor belting. Black rubber conveyor belting is used on a variety of troughing systems to convey beets, bagasse and cut cane. Our 4 ply belt is available in widths up to 96" wide. Therefore, these belts do not contain a longitudinal seam, which helps them run straight on the conveyors and improve overall belt performance.

Beltservice also inventories a wide selection of white food grade/sanitary belting, as well as high temperature resistant (400°F), oil resistant, fire retardant, and static conductive.

Bottom Tracking Guides

Beltservice supplies the sugar industry many different tracking guides. Bottom tracking guides are recommended whenever operating conditions create a possible belt alignment problem, such as wide belts running on short conveyors. Our tracking guides (sometimes referred to as V-Guides) can be notched to allow the belt to operate on smaller pulley diameters. As with our cleats, Beltservice hot vulcanizes the tracking guide to the belt cover to provide a strong bond and to assure optimum belt performance.


Beltservice provides a number of cleat sizes and styles for moving bagasse up steep inclines on intermediate carriers. Beltservice cleats are specifically compounded to be durable and flexible and are hot vulcanized to the conveyor belt using our special process of heat and pressure. This process insures that the cleats are permanently bonded to the belt cover.