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Elevator Belting

Precise Bucket and Hole Spacing


Beltservice's automated hole punching capabilities provide precise bucket and row spacing, clean tight-fitting bolt holes, and quick delivery. Elevator belts can readily meet all OEM specifications, including: heavy duty black belts, solid woven PVC belts; oil resistant belts; and high temperature belts (rated up to 400°F). Elevator buckets may also be purchased separately (unattached) in large or small quantities.

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Beltservice offers 8 different hole patterns for our elevator belt selection:

  • P1 / B1
  • P2 / B2
  • P3 / B3
  • P4 / B4
  • P5 / B5
  • P7 / B6
  • P8 / B7
  • P9 / B8

Beltservice also offers 4 different types of splices:

  • Plate Fastener
  • Overlap Splice
  • Clamp Splice
  • Butt Splice